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Don’t ask me to pronounce it. It is quite difficult to mouth it. But if I try, it would sound like “WUH”, but I would prefer to call it WWWWWH or 5WH.

This stands for Why, What, Where, When, Who, How. These are the most important questions that one should ask irrespective of the department, system, role, that one might hold.

These also form the basic principle of my approach to “Quality Made Simple”.

To put it short:

Ask Why it is needed – its intent and reasons
Ask What it consists of – its dependencies and linkages
Ask Where it is applicable – area, domain, system, department
Ask When it should be applied – constraints, issues and limitations
Ask Who is to do the task
Ask How to go about doing it.

I suggest that these principles if applied would help a lot and would give a better view of understanding the human nature and its intricate systems.


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