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What does Quality Cost?

I am not referring to Cost of Quality or the investment that is done in the Quality Department. What I am referring to here is about the actual cost in terms of the efforts that are to be spent by the advocators and the practitioners in doing activities towards the planning and improvement activities in the organization and the projects that bring out quality.

There are two debated sides of this:
Quality is FREE and Quality is NOT Free.

The fact here remains that Quality is neither free nor does it cost anything. It depends entirely on which side of the shore the perceiver is standing. If he is standing on the shore which has an organization mindset that it needs to invest in quality and certification for the benefit of the customers, then quality is NOT free.
If he is standing on the shore where the organization mindset is to invest in quality and certification for the benefit of the self (the organization), then quality is FREE.

A person (or an organization) can only give what they have from within. Any kind of a masquerade would only result in temporary satisfaction or a pseudo assurance of quality.

Quality does not mean just processes, documentation, etc. It also means the establishment of systems that invoke this internal seed of quality from within the person or an organization.
It IS the training department, IS the HR, IS the Recruitment, IS the Admin, IS the IT, IS the Quality Department, and all other support departments, which together pose as the pillar for the delivery to enhance its QUALITY.

It is like the famous incident where when an artist was asked how he sculpted such a wonderful structure, he replied that the wonderful structure was already there and he only chipped the rough edges away.

Quality costs just THAT!

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