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Vision, Values, Mission

To put it in simple words:

Vision: Dream
Value: What do I have to Make the dream successful?
Mission: What I need to do make the dream successful

Not everyone will have a clear articulated VVM. But a “gut” feeling always prevails, which keeps on pushing us towards achieving our dream.

Dreaming itself requires a lot of guts. I may dream to be the top most quality professional in the world. But it is a different matter to see if that can be possible or not.
But once the dream is in place, what should I do to achieve it? Certifications? Frameworks?. What is there within me to assist me in being a top quality person?
This introspection is very important as it would lead to a conclusion of identifying what is available and what is needed. Once THAT is identified, it would become the mission to close the gap so that the vision is achieved.

Usually, the first two are the easy ones to come by and most of the times, once decided, it is etched in stone.

Though the Value is etched in stone, it is also one important visible entity that is constantly monitored by within and outside the organization. It is the Mission that is the main cause of concern and that which adds to or supplements the Vision.

It is the mission that is measured, it is the mission that is changed, it is the mission that is controlled and it is the mission, which requires people to be involved in to make the vision successful.

It is very important to tie all the three together. One without the other becomes meaningless.
Most of the times, what happens is that the mission continues, without looking into the value of the system. The vision is always clear… make money, satisfy customers, grow etc. But the value is usually lost due to too much of a focus on the mission.

What most people see is that Vision and Mission are always linked and they always relate what they do to the satisfaction of the vision. But again, this would become meaningless, if the value is not added in the system along the path of being in the mission of satisfying the vision.

Care needs to be taken to ensure that VVM is executed in the same order – VVM. VISION, What is the VALUE that I have, to do the MISSION. And once the VISION Is achieved, again, what is my new VISION, what is the additional VALUE and what mission should I embark on with the new VISION and VALUE.

What also needs to be understood is that the VALUE part of the equation is the one that is always enhanced in the process of meeting the VISION through MISSION. The VALUE can be enhanced only by ensuring that there is a converged system in place that is seamlessly institutionalized in the organization.
VALUE without the vision and mission is a waste product and it becomes essential to ensure that the VALUE of the organization is always kept occupied with the MISSION to satisfy new VISIONS.

Only when these three aspects of the organization are converged, would we get truly motivated employees who strive to achieve the common goal.

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