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It would be selfish of me if I don't mention a few names who were instrumental in bringing about this interest in quality in me. "Mother, Father, Teacher and Guru" are the first on my list. But apart from these, I would also like to thank the following (in the order mentioned):

  • P Linga Reddy - an ardent fan of quality and a person who selflessly shares his knowledge with all and also encourages others to walk the talk of quality (apart from doing this himself of course). He has been instrumental in taking a lot of his personal time to teach me the basics of quality.
  • Adhilakshmi - a dedicated lady who actually pushed me in the role and guided me by asking testing questions till I was able to reach a standard acceptable by most of the quality team I was with.
  • Elizabeth Koshy - another dedicated lady who helped me reach my potential by handing over responsibilities on various initiatives and encouraging me subtly on my abilities till I was able to cognize it.
  • Sukumar Danial - according to me an old wine in a new bottle, who oozes quality and intents all over. He has been instrumental in coaching me towards the extreme thinking of this field of quality.
  • Chinta Srinivas - who with his technical knohow and simplistic logical thinking, always has been and continues to goad me to the limits of my limited neural abilities.
  • The entire Quality Team with whom I have worked in my previous organization and am working in my current organization who have helped me and continue to help me learn the ropes of quality.

I thank you all for all the support and guidance that you have given me in my struggle towards quality and thank you for being part of my play team.