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About Me
I am C K Vijay Bhaskar and would love it if you can address me as 'VB'. I am in the field of Quality Assurance now and am still in the process of learning the ropes of what this animal called quality is all about.

My basic quest for "Why" factor has been due to my exposure to Usability and UI design, where I learnt the importance of "Designing for the User" and tried to understand the factors influencing the basic design that the user plays with to satisfy the goals that he/she has to achieve.

I started my career as a Faculty in teaching design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash). I was fortunate to have worked on the earlier versions of the tools which gave me a lot of insight into how the tool works and what it's intent is. My stint in experimenting with these tools pushed me into freelancing, where I as a Faculty/Web-UI Designer/Consultant learnt the ropes of retaining a customer and identifying their core issues. That with the applied principles of usability gave me a better leverage from just simple designing.

These principles or process driven approach catapulted me into the finer aspects of management and into Quality Assurance.

My resume can be viewed here.

I shall be updating my resume often, as and when I achieve a milestone, worth mentioning in my profile. Do get in touch with me at ckvijaybhaskar<at>gmail<dot>com for any query that you might have on the process front, be it Quality Assurance or UI Design.

Or provide your feedback on the blog that I have created with the same name here:

I shall try and assist you by pointing you in the right direction.